DVERSE Inc. CEO Shogo Numakura participated in Dream Pitch on J-WAVE 81-3FM


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(Edited: 2018/1/16)

On November 17th from 22:00 to 22:55 DVERSE Inc. CEO Shogo Numakura will be participating in Dream Pitch as part of the Innovation World program on J-WAVE 81-3FM.

Dream Pitch is a free talk style radio segment whereby the participants give a one-minute pitch followed by discussion.


Tune in to J-WAVE 81-3FM to hear more about Innovation World.

Main navigator: Tomu Kawata
Guest: Yasuhiro Mihara (fashion designer)
Guest: Shogo Numakura (DVERSE Inc. CEO)

P2722666(Image: J-WAVE)
From the left: Main Navigator Tomu Kawata, DVERSE Inc. CEO Shogo Numakura, fashion designer Yasuhiro Mihara